Today I went on my first field trip. It was…a little underwhelming. Me and three Korean teachers took around 30 kids to SK park in Ulsan where there is a butterfly sanctuary, an insect museum and a petting zoo.

We climbed into the minibuses at around 10 and I was shocked to notice that they didn’t have seatbelts. The kids were left to stand up on the seats and generally muck about which seemed insane given that a) Korean drivers are scary, and b) we’re in Korea. After we (safely) arrived, we whizzed around the butterfly sanctuary (within which we saw exactly one butterfly) and then headed over to the marginally more exciting insect exhibition (at one point I had to stop a student from crushing a beetle with her fist).

After that we made our way to the petting zoo, which unless it contained invisible animals, appeared to be closed for the winter. At which point it began to rain. This brought an immediate cessation to the day’s activities as we headed back to school almost immediately.

That said it was a fun experience. The kids were very well behaved (apart from one girl who almost gave me a heart attack my pretending to eat a marble). And on the Brightside, I got to have a 2 and a half hour lunch break. I wonder where we’ll travel to next month on the Wonderland magical mystery tourbus….