Continuing the theme of seasonally inappropriate field trips, this week we went to a Flower school distinctly lacking in flowers.

The flower school is not in fact, as I had hoped, somewhere that a flower can gain an education, but rather an old public school that has been turned into a place where children can learn about flowers. Despite it being the middle of April, the weather was as dull as dish water but with a chill in the air. The spring’s capricious weather had apparently delayed the blossoming of many of the flowers within the manicured grounds. There was however a fair-amount of cherry blossom which was nice to see. Despite the cold I was informed that I was to have my photo taken with all the kids, 2 at a time. This was slightly embarrassing but mostly just uncomfortable given that I repeated had to crouch down.

There were also about 700 other school children who had come for the day. As I was apparently the only westerner there, this meant that I spent roughly 75% of my time saying hi to every single one of them whenever we crossed paths. Rather endearingly, the students from my school became protectively jealous of me whenever this happened saying “No, Thom Teacher is Wonderland Teacher!”

After a brief tour of the exhibition room’s limited offering, we watched a couple of uninspiring nature videos in a cinema room. Next the kids got to do rubbings of leaf engravings which didn’t really seem to work

We went upstairs and managed to find a room full of various board games for the kids to play with, and they seemed genuinely engaged for the first time that day. Sadly after only 10 minutes a Korean man came in and told us that we were not meant to be there.

And so back out into the school grounds we went. It was quite pretty even without the flowers, and I imagine that on a nice day in a couple of weeks time it would have been a great place for a day out and a picnic. As it was, it was a little drab.

With nothing else to see or do we climbed back on the buses and headed back to school. On most occasions I would prefer to be outside doing activities than stuck in a classroom and the students seemed to have a good enough time, but I do hope that the next field trip has a little more excitement than this one did.