Hooray! A thoroughly enjoyable field trip at last. We went back to the petting zoo which we tried to go to last month, only this time it wasn’t raining and there were actually animals there.

After yesterday’s miserable excuse for Spring weather, today was gloriously warm and sunny. The petting zoo, although small, was surprisingly filled with a good array of animals. Asides from the expected cows, donkeys, sheep, goats and rabbits, there were also monkeys, badgers, some interesting birds, some extremely cute deer and a magnificent if slightly revolting turkey.

AS far as I could tell, many of the kids had been here before, so I was probably the most excited one of us there.

For obvious reasons many of the animals were off limits in a petty capacity, but the goats and sheep were quite happy to be petted even if the kids were too scared/disgusted by the ddong.

The high-point was definitely the abrupt lesson given to the children about the birds and the bees by a couple of goats.

Check out the gobblers on that!

After a nice stroll though some of the rest of the park, we headed home. Definitely the best field trip so far.

The birds and the...goats

This bird was really cool. If anyone knows what it is, let me know