Sweep them Up. No you sweep up the lizards

Another success on the field trip front. After a couple of days of persistent rain, a trip to an arboretum seemed foolhardy to say the least. As it happened last Thursday was a roaster. This was great for two reasons: firstly for my tan and, secondly because it meant that all the kids wore amazing sun visors (more commonly sported on ajummas.)

For the first time we were all on one big bus together. Unfortunately this meant that I was subjected to 40 minutes of classic pop songs whose tunes had been re imagined by tone-deaf Korean Children (I was never a massive fan of Abba’s Dancing Queen but I’ll be happy if I never have to hear it again). It was cute for all of 23 seconds.

After a quick guided tour of the arboretum itself, we were taken into a covered animal enclosure where we were introduced to a parrot who I taught to say ‘sausages’. Shortly after we were let into the reptile enclosure, which made me a little nervous since I am a little scared of snakes.

Good Job it's in a cage

Still all the snakes were safely locked away in their cages, and there was no chance of them being brought out with little children around, right? Right??

Snakes...in Korea

Well yes there was actually. The guide fished out a yellow snake (I think it was a corn snake, although I don’t remember exactly) and duly asked who wanted to hold it. To my surprise most of the kids did. The snake was draped around their necks and I was forced to crouch next to them for a photo whilst maintaining a brave face.


Hilariously, even though some of the kids didn’t want a snaked hanging off their necks, their mothers had requested that the do so, something which produced a few tears.

This kid was not happy about the situation

Afterwards we were introduced to some cool lizards and a gecko. And after lunch and a quick run around we were back on the bus, where a jolly good nap was had by all (myself included).

Out llke a Light